4 Unique Things We Do As Millennials

Eat Veggies

You know I mean kale.

We are BAMFs because we use our greens to put green back into our bodies. We’re healthy! There is a whole world of delicious things to eat, and we don’t limit ourselves to traditional family meals.

Also, how cool is it that brussel sprouts are trending now? YES PLEASE to sprouts, bacon, and spicy sauces!

Work Really, Really Hard (but only sometimes)

There are less jobs than ever, but millennials are still hustling. We work as baristas, bartenders, and cashiers for minimum wage because kale is expensive AF. It is unfortunate ┬áthat many of us will never have a high powered or “respectable” job, but we still find ways to pay the bills.

The weird thing about our work habits is that we give ourselves the freedom to take time off. Weirder still is that the “time off” is usually spent on the side hustle or passion project. Our Instagrams may look like we are bumming around India, but the reality is that the wanderlust sufferer is probably sourcing new materials or inspiration for the side hustle.


We ask WHY, and we do not accept convention as law. We find out where our information is coming from, and why our Twitter crushes suddenly promote products.

We don’t get fooled AGAAAAIINN.

We Create Our Own Cultures and Traditions

Living in one of the most diverse cities in the world, I am particularly proud of this one. Millennials blend traditions to create new ones: I serve my Grandma’s Irish dishes with baklava and French wine, and participate in “Friends-giving” and Festivus.

On the funny side, we have a whole sub-cultures of hipsters and entrepreneurs! We are the generation that creates cultures based on personal identity, not (necessarily) limited by heritage.

Of course the evil side of this is cultural appropriation. Not cool, dudes. Not cool.


All in all, we are a weird, albeit financially fucked, generation. It’s pretty cool to be alive right now!