Burdock Brewery’s Oat Pale Ale

Recently launched and prime for drinking, Burdock’s Oat Pale Ale is a fun addition to Toronto’s brew scene.

The nose is very subtle, most of the olfactory experience was from the immediately opened bottle. Like Burdock’s website says, it’s “fresh, fresh,fresh.” There’re some herbs and florals, and slight candied lemon peel. At 3.8% alcohol, this is the cure for the humid heat wave Torontonians have been suffering. However, after my first bottle (which went quickly!) I missed the usual vivacious mystique Burdock typically offers.

This easy drinking beer is enjoyable because it is that: easy drinking. I enjoy the summer-perfect freshness, although I find the palate lacking. It is delightfully dry, but I couldn’t wrestle up more description than “fresh craft beer.” The soft herbs, citrus, and hops flavours did build, and I am a fan of their choice to dry hop this brew. This is a well made beer, but pale ale diehards may find it too soft in comparison to other pale ales, oat or not.

This beer officially launched on social media on August 23rd 2016. Burdock’s brewers always have new and interesting beers to try. However, I don’t think I would get this again from their bottle shop to take home. This is certainly a beer to enjoy now with friends on Burdock’s gorgeous Bloor West patio. While I aim to do just that, I won’t have this in reserve as my after-work beer.

Bonus: the acronym for this is Burdock OPA.


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